• 5 exceptional sites

    Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère
    5 exceptional sites
    © Bernard Galeron
  • L'abbaye de Daoulas

    A unique Roman cloister in Brittany
    L'abbaye de Daoulas
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Le château de Kerjean

    A symbolic Renaissance fortress
    Le château de Kerjean
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Le manoir de Kernault

    A country house designated as a historic monument
    Le manoir de Kernault
    © Bernard Galeron
  • L'abbaye du Relec

    The second Cistercian abbey established in Brittany
    L'abbaye du Relec
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Domaine de Trévarez

    Kersanton stone
    Domaine de Trévarez
    © CDP29
  • Hunters on the hunt

    6 days ago At Kerjean

    Hunters on the hunt

    Temporary exhibition

    Hunting in the 16th century represented the ultimate pleasure of the country gentleman: the Château de Kerjean and its estate are the ideal surroundings in which to evoke such a theme. This...
  • A special day

    On now At Daoulas

    A special day

    Temporary exhibition

    Some thirty photographs by Gérard Uféras depict weddings: from the first meeting to the wedding day, from the preparations to the celebrations, including both civil and religious ceremonies. These...
  • The botany lab

    In 3 months At Trévarez

    The botany lab


    The demesne’s largest greenhouse is home to the Labotanique, a new space for experimentation on living things and plants for which Trévarez is renowned: camellias, rhododendrons, and hydrangeas....