• Carte famille

    Une formule d'abonnement pour faire le plein de découvertes
    Carte famille
    © Elodie Henaff / CDP29
  • 5 exceptional sites

    Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère
    5 exceptional sites
    © Bernard Galeron
  • L'abbaye de Daoulas

    A unique Roman cloister in Brittany
    L'abbaye de Daoulas
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Le château de Kerjean

    A symbolic Renaissance fortress
    Le château de Kerjean
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Le manoir de Kernault

    A country house designated as a historic monument
    Le manoir de Kernault
    © Bernard Galeron
  • L'abbaye du Relec

    The second Cistercian abbey established in Brittany
    L'abbaye du Relec
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Domaine de Trévarez

    Kersanton stone
    Domaine de Trévarez
    © CDP29
  • Felice Varini

    In 3 months At Trévarez

    Felice Varini

    Contemporary art

    Felice Varini, the guest artist at the Domaine de Trévarez in 2015, is known all over the world for his work on perception and, more precisely, on the question of perspective. Depending on the...
  • Hunters on the hunt

    2 months ago At Kerjean

    Hunters on the hunt

    Temporary exhibition

    Hunting in the 16th century represented the ultimate pleasure of the country gentleman: the Château de Kerjean and its estate are the ideal surroundings in which to evoke such a theme. This...
  • Visit the gardens

    In 8 days(s)

    Visit the gardens


    The gardens of all 5 of our sites are open free to the public over the course of this weekend devoted to plants. Learn how to preserve plants and how best to show them to their advantage. This year,...