• 5 exceptional sites

    Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère
    5 exceptional sites
    © Bernard Galeron
  • L'abbaye de Daoulas

    A unique Roman cloister in Brittany
    L'abbaye de Daoulas
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Le château de Kerjean

    A symbolic Renaissance fortress
    Le château de Kerjean
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Le manoir de Kernault

    A country house designated as a historic monument
    Le manoir de Kernault
    © Bernard Galeron
  • L'abbaye du Relec

    The second Cistercian abbey established in Brittany
    L'abbaye du Relec
    © Bernard Galeron
  • Domaine de Trévarez

    Kersanton stone
    Domaine de Trévarez
    © CDP29
  • Noël à Trévarez

    In 22 days(s) At Trévarez

    Noël à Trévarez

    Temporary exhibition

    Une nouvelle édition, des espaces occupés différemment pour cause de travaux, mais toujours des surprises, du rêve, des émotions et des moments de bonheur à partager !

    On now At Daoulas


    Temporary exhibition

    Today, we have at our disposal a remarkable variety of foods but not all of them are deemed worthy of being consumed. How is that we turn up our noses at foods such as insects or dog meat that are...
  • Gourmet humours

    7 months ago At Kerjean

    Gourmet humours

    Temporary exhibition

    In 2014, the Château de Kerjean lights its fireplaces and dusts down its crockery for a banquet. From the kitchens to the ceremonial rooms, visitors will be transported to the heart of the...