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Abbaye du Relec

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    © Owen Poho (Illustrations)


05 Feb 2014 - 03 Jan 2015
General public

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Between the 12th and the end of the 18th century, Le Relec was greatly influenced by the Cistercian monks who had set up their abbey in this small village. After the Revolution, the monastery was deserted by the religious orders and was gradually taken possession of by lay people. Although this transformation was slow at first, the appropriation of the abbey was confirmed by the 20th century. 

The buildings, communal spaces and land were occupied by families who transformed the site. The square with the fountain became the centre of the village where ties were forged between inhabitants, where stories were told and shops and businesses serving the everyday needs of the local population began to open up. Once a year, the Pardon de Notre-Dame du Relec is also the opportunity for a village fête.
Enjoy the rich oral accounts, symbolic of a certain epoch, discover the evolution of the landscape constructed over the 20th century and learn about the unusual event that is the Pardon du Relec. This touchingly personal exhibition will allow visitors to discover a slice of this astounding history.

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